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Septembe‚Äčr 27

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Engineer Lab Zoom Information Session

Thank you for your interest! We will add another session soon!

Engineer Lab!

Starting in the Fall of 2021, MicroLabs is launching Engineer Lab, an exciting and unique new college level pre-engineering after-school program for high school students. This program is for you if:
  • You are a high school student in the Boston area, with an aptitude for math and science
  • You are interested in engineering and want to learn what it entails
  • You want to jump start your career and learn engineering problem solving

Students will attend in person, at our fully functional lab, and will learn through a mixture of lectures and cutting-edge, fun, hands-on micro experiments.

The course will be taught by Aleks Franz, an enthusiastic engineer with a PhD in Chemical Engineering. He has 30+ years of experience in education, start-ups, large corporate research & product development, and R&D and manufacturing, both in start-ups and large companies.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity to get mentored by engineering professional, reach out to us at [email protected] or click on the Contact tab above. Let us know if you would like to be added to a mailing list and check us out on social media as well. 

Pre-Engineering Prep Course

Engineer Lab will be taught at the college/AP level, targeting high school students with an interest in math and science.

In high school, students learn important math and science, but often without making the connection to real life problem solving. These students are tasked with selecting colleges and majors with minimal exposure to engineering and its various disciplines. Once in college, the quality of professional and career mentorship, even at highly reputable research universities, can be hit or miss. Engineer Lab is designed to address these gaps.

Students will:

  • Gain extensive exposure to engineering-style problem solving
  • Learn about various types of engineering and science disciplines
  • Prepare to make informed decisions about future career choices (college, major, summer jobs, career path)
  • Improve their communication and teamwork skills
  • Gain hand-on experimental experience working with cutting edge technologies

Think Like an Engineer

Engineer Lab will introduce students to the key concepts and tools in engineering problem solving:

  • Formulating the problem based on facts and data
  • Using acquired math and science knowledge to develop fundamental understanding of the problem
  • Designing and using experiments to test hypothesis
  • Using creative problem solving tools and thinking outside the box
  • Understanding energy flows, process time scale, driving forces and fluxes
  • Data driven decision making
  • Engineering economics and entrepreneurship

Understand Engineering Disciplines and Careers

High school graduates must make important decisions about colleges and future majors with minimal experience and information. Engineer Lab will provide a broad exposure to the various engineering disciplines, explaining what types of problems each one tackles. Engineer Lab graduates will select their colleges and engineering majors with more confidence, and potentially eliminate future costly course corrections. Engineer Lab students will also learn about professional development as undergraduates. Career choices between graduate school and employment, academia and industry, start-ups and large corporations, R&D and manufacturing will be discussed.. 

Carry Out Fun, Cutting-Edge Hands-On Experiments

Engineer Lab students will spend approximately half the class in lecture/discussion, and half the class carrying out hands-on experiments specially designed to reinforce class lessons. The experiments will be carried out using safe, versatile prototype micro-experiment test stations developed by MicroLabs. Experiments will expose students to basic engineering concepts in fluid mechanics, electrical circuits, mechanical structures, energy transport, programming, and process control. 

Develop Professional Communication Skills

Students will be encouraged to develop strong verbal and written communication skills. The small class format will stimulate student participation and respectful discussions. Students will be challenged to voice their ideas clearly and to provide scientific reasoning for their arguments. The in-class experiments will be conducted in groups, requiring students to work and communicate with their peers. Every semester, each student will choose a small independent "research" project, where they will present their technical analysis of a current problem to the rest of the group.

Who, When, Where

This program is open to students of all identities and is a safe space for learning and growth.

The program will be taught over 2, somewhat independent and reinforcing semesters. Each semester will consist of about 15 weekly 1.5 hour classes.

Classes will be conducted in person (CDC guidelines permitting) at our fully equipped analytical laboratory on the border of Wilmington and Andover.

Classes will start in the first week of October. Each class will have up to 6 students. Class schedule TBD.


Engineer Lab cost is $2,000/student/semester.